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AMBER LOVE 28-FEB-2017 I didn’t think of it until Feb 2nd, but I posted a quote every day from then on for Black History Month. At first I thought I would post only quotes from writers, but then found some I couldn’t resist so I went for anything that was about real life, whether that be struggling, friendship, politics, or success. I use quotes a lot in my posts to reflect where I am in a project or if someone has said something applicable to that day even when said long ago.

Half of these were from a great post by HappyBlackWoman.com (2011) which I turned into images; others were ones I found on GoodReads or through Google Images. Occasionally I used the Instaquote app on my phone, but for a lot of these, I used the behappy.me/generator (now defunct). I messed up a little on my Twitter hashtag sometimes writing singular #quote and other times writing #quotes. Oh well. That’s one of the reasons why I felt it was a good idea to collect them in one post. A couple of them weren’t tweeted during February but were ones I’ve had saved for inspiration.

This month, I also wanted to make sure at least one of the books I read was by a black author. I chose Alexia Gordon’s “Murder in G Major,” a fantastic little cozy which I also reviewed.

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