Katsucon claims victim of H1N1

This Go Fund Me was created while Christine Lawson was still fighting for her life. Her surviving family still has to pay those medical bills. Every little bit helps.

A new comics retailer alliance is coming & guess who’s on it.

This nascent Comic Book Retailer Alliance plans to have their first meeting in May at the Diamond Retailers Summit where the founding members will iron out their mission statement. In my personal opinion, if Larry’s Comics wants to be a dues-paying member of such an organization, that’s fine but I would not want to see Doherty on the board.

VODKA O’CLOCK 1409 with @ryanklindsay about HEADSPACE

Today’s guest RYAN K. LINDSAY returns to VODKA O’CLOCK to talk all about his new series HEADSPACE available through Monkeybrain Comics. A surreal trip inside the mind of a serial killer where readers get to meet interesting characters going through their own developments. ** Mild spoilers within.

Fear. It’s in my way.

I really hate when people accuse others of making excuses for not getting on with a project. Fear is very real and it’s in my way.

Someone’s mental health treatment is none of your business.

People are blamed for their cancer if they’re smokers; people are blamed for their diabetes if they’re fat. Surprisingly, there is an awful lot of blame surrounding how someone chooses to face their battle with mental illness.

VODKA O’CLOCK 1408 with @LGwenn for the #BornDark comic

Returning to VODKA O’CLOCK is writer/model LELA GWENN who gives updates on her Nerd Bondage Projekt and her current comic book series BORN DARK which is on Kickstarter.

#Mistress vs. #Poly Secondary

With tongue firmly in cheek, I suggest anyone with a mistress pay attention to their “care and feeding.” No, we’re not pets but I bet anything you treat your pets better.

VODKA O’CLOCK 1407 with @jeffmach – all about EVENTS!

Returning guest JEFF MACH joined me on Vodka O’Clock to go over the basics of Wicked Faire, Voltaire’s Wicked Necrocomiccon and even a few teasers about this year’s Steampunk World’s Fair. Wicked Faire and Necrocomiccon take place Feb 21-23, 2014.

Who would your nerdy Valentine be?

Who would your nerdy Valentine be? My list includes famous celebs, hackers and artsy types.

VODKA O’CLOCK 1406 with @GannonB and @BRichmond

GANNON BECK and BRYAN RICHMOND have collaborated on SPACE CORPS COMIC, a sci-fi webcomic with a space marine saga where each vignette gives a closer look into the various alien race characters.