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7 Comments on Wonder Woman: Princess of Themyscira

  1. I do believe that picture 8 shows our gorgeous model’s personality peeking out from behind the princess persona. Truly the best of both worlds with you Amber.

  2. Amber, THANKS for befriending me on der Fb…
    Linda Carter has absolutely **nothing** on you.
    Your costumes are spectacular! and the way you fill them,
    Do I have your permission to work up an illustration for WW Day from your pics? (I thin #51 would make a lovely drawing)
    Thx, P

    • Since I don’t know who you are based on your ID, I can’t give you permission to draw it for WWD. That’s our charity event for domestic violence. Our art auction is supposed to be for fans to bid on work done by artists in the comics industry. If you just feel like drawing one of the pictures as fan art to send in to me, that’s fine but that’s not what the fundraiser is about.

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