04-NOVEMBER-2011 For Halloween this year, I really had the most bizarre costume I’ve ever had. I was nekkid. Yep. I worked at the Kubert School all day and all I wore was an eye patch. Why? Because this year I was “dressed” as the assassin known as Mann from Duane Swierczynski’s FUN AND GAMES novel.

Swierczy decided to have a costume contest for any of his characters from the crime noir series or from his new 52 BIRDS OF PREY comic book series. I didn’t have the resources or time to put together a Starling (the character Duane created for BoP) outfit but the beautiful Hannah Carlson did a far better job than I could have on that character anyway. Instead, I opted for a role more suited to me: the topless bitch in charge of assassinations in Hollywood.

With the help of my trusty sidekick Ashley aka @smash_is_nerdy, I braved the 40 degree NJ temperature despite my nagging cold and shot off about 30 photos to submit to Swierczy for the contest. I knew he’d get a kick out them but I didn’t think he’d corrupt his adoring fans with my risque photos let alone name me one of his winners. I’m pretty sure he’s just afraid of my .357 Colt Python. He said some rather swell things about me over on the Secret Dead blog.

***If you do not ask permission to repost these photos you’ll be hearing from me and my Python. They are for use by Duane Swierczynski, Mulholland Books, and Ashley Neuhaus only.**

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