I owe this entire photoshoot to photographer John Hudson. He has great western props at his disposal and his love of western photography was clear with all the ideas he had for putting this shoot together.

I do hope to have all of them up some day when I get the high rez pictures and get the paid section of the site up and running. Until then, please enjoy these few of my favorites.

19 Comments on Cowgirl Themes

  1. Wow, these are awesome. Probably the best yet I’ve seen. You are an incredibly beautiful woman, Amber. I may have to use some of these as reference for the next “Women of Tech Support” piece I do. I especially like the one on the lower left. That picture makes me think that they need to get rid of that homely looking Megan Fox and replace her with you in Jonah Hex…or at least make you Timothy Olyphant’s partner on Justified.


    • I do exercise. I just also eat without puking it up. And if you think “pale” is an insult you’re delusional. I purposely stay pale because a) I want to avoid leathery skin and b) my uncle had skin cancer. If you don’t think I’m attractive then just don’t visit the galleries. I have plenty of news articles covering the comic book industry which I believe provide plenty of entertainment value on their own completely apart from my photos.

  2. Love the full nude where everything is covered, always leave something for the imagination. great job modeling, great curves

  3. I must say I’m quite impressed with your pix,Amber…I wasn’t aware of this side of you…so to speak… Luckily I hadn’t seen these before seeing you at the con…it would have been difficult to concentrate on the sketches I was doing…;o)

  4. Hi, I’ve admired your beauty and costumes for a while, don’t remember how I came across the link to here, but I’m sure glad I followed it. Pics are awesome and sexy. Great job.

  5. I saw your Fantastic Four & FireStarter photos as well; & it seems you have the
    beginings of several very good Burlesque/Striptease acts. As a matter of fact
    you could include fireeating skills to the FireStater strip that you did.
    Take care.

  6. You are really really beautiful. I love your natural curves and the pale color of your skin. Pictures are amazing, specially nr. 60. I wish I could see more of your body…


  7. Wow these are the most tastefully done pics I have seen in a long time. Incredibly sexy, daring and yet totally safe. WOW is all I can say.

  8. Oh boy I’m burning for you. Sorry I needed a song to express how sexy you are in that cowboy attire it’s a shame you don’t use the rope for an Indian version of catwoman (you know steampunk) really freaking sensual.

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