Ashley Neuhaus 1-JUNE-2012  Lea Hernandez is at it again.  This time she’s bringing the humor with the all-ages book, THE GARLICKS: PANDORA ORANGE, FAIL VAMPIRE.  This is a story about a vampire family told from the perspective of the oldest child, Pandora.  The catch is that Pandora doesn’t have any of the abilities that vampires normally have.  Those powers seem to have all gone to the baby, Pamilia or Ham.

Pandora’s adventure will be shared as a COLORED webcomic three times a week for the next year.  After the year is done, it will be collected into a 144-page color trade.  The Kickstarter campaign is to raise the funds in bringing the graphic novel to life.  If it’s successful, the production of THE GARLICKS will mark Hernandez’s sixth graphic novel. Lea was able to take some time away from creating and answer a few questions for me.

AN: Is this your first Kickster campaign?

LN: Yes.

AN: Vampires used to be seen as vicious monsters and now they sparkle in some cases. Since this is an all-ages book, how have you made vampires less scary and more kid-friendly?

LH: I see them as monsters, in the friendliest sense of the word. They’re non-humans, but not blood-sucking fiends. Vampires are made-up creatures. There’s room for them to be unsparkly and unmetaphorforsexwithoutickybodypartstouching. 

AN: Where did you first come up with the idea of Pandora and her family?

LH: It started with a letter I wrote to a friend after I mis-read the name “Gorelick” (Go-REL-ick) as GORE lick. I thought, that’s a wonderfully demented name for a vampire, and immediately knew I didn’t want to write horror (which Gore Lick demands), I started playing with the name. A short Google search later confirmed that somehow there’d never been vampire named Garlick. Then I poured out what I was thinking to the friend: the names, motivations and first story were right there.

Meet THE GARLICKS! Left: Olive (mom) and Vourdain (dad). Right: Pandora (top) and Ham (bottom)

AN: Since this is going to be a webcomic and then collected in trade, will there be any additional features in the trade?

LH: Of course. Probably author’s notes at least. There’ll be a separate book of sketches and art called “Pan Orange.”

AN: Do you have any other projects going on right now?

LH: Trying to find time to give a graphic novel called THE MOON IS MINE by rising star Josh Hechinger the art it deserves.

AN: Are there any conventions on your schedule for the year?

LH: Aside from San Diego Comic-Con, nope. I’ve been traveling between LA and San Antonio, TX a lot, looking for work and seeing my wonderful boyfriend.

AN: While you’re working, do you have anything playing in the background? Or do you prefer silence to concentrate?

LH: When I’m painting, podcasts or an audio book. When I’m scripting, music. When I’m lettering, TV shows or the like on Netflix.

AN: If you weren’t in the comics business, what would you be doing?

LH: I wanted to be a private detective, inspired by Batgirl from the 60’s TV show, and this driving need to see bad guys get caught. But then I had the revelation that I might get shot at, and I picked comics, where I could praise good guys and bring bad guys down. I would still like to act, but comics neatly scratches the itch to perform.

AN: Where can people find you on the web?

LH: At: Twitter, DeviantArtTumblrThe Garlicks

The goal for THE GARLICKS is set at $40,000 and ends on June 21st.  On the campaign page, Lea breaks down just how the money will get spent.  Also listed on the campaign page are the rewards for backers.   To name a few of those rewards are PDF copies of the book, signed trades, mini prints, sketchbook, original art, a custom courier bag filled with goodies, and other awesome things!

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