featurebanner_godlesscomics_kickstarterAshley Neuhaus 21-DEC-2012 A little over a month ago, Amber and I attended the Exxxotica convention in lovely Edison, NJ. While there I saw a booth with a giant sign that said “Jesus Loves Pornstars” and was really confused. When walked passed the booth, we were approached by a woman who handed us a book. It was The New Testament cleverly hidden with a flashy cover. It seems as though there are Christian comic books being handed out all over the place and are used to teach the fundamentalist views of Christianity. Kona Morris got together with Chris Henry, Jon Olsen, and Nate Jordon to bring about GODLESS COMICS in an attempt to battle against the evils of those little books. Kona and the gang have now turned to Kickstarter to build their godless army.

NoThinkingAllowedThe goal of GODLESS COMICS is “to challenge dogmas and promote critical thinking.” So far the GODLESS team have five books planned but are not limited to just that. Once the books are completed and printed, they will be handed out just like the Christian comics have been: publicly. And at some point they will be made available to order online so you can help do your part to spread the godless word!

The Kickstarter campaign ends on January 25, 2013. Their goal of $4,000 has already been reached but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t support this project. Some of the great rewards for backers include copies of the comics themselves, a Godford Godley t-shirt, and a poster signed by Chris Henry (artist).

When I saw this project, I jumped on the opportunity to spotlight it and interview one of the creators, Kona Morris.

AN: Was there one “ah-ha!” moment that you can recall that could be ground zero for this project?

KM: Nearly a year ago, Jon, Chris, and I originally came up with the idea for these comics, and we spent many nights brainstorming how to go about creating them and coming up with story ideas. Once we got Nate on board, our plan really began to take shape.

AN: Are you doing all the printing and whatnot yourselves?

KM: So far the few comics we’ve printed have been done at Nate’s house, but if we receive enough of a kickstart from our campaign, then we plan to have them professionally printed.

AN: If these comics are a success do you think you’ll expand and possibly turn it into a webcomic?

KM: We are open to a myriad of possibilities for where to go with these. We already have our first two comics available to view through our website (godlesscomics.com/comics), and we are definitely open to other online approaches.

AN: You have the first two issues done, but do you have the final three actually planned and just waiting to be written?

KM: Our third comic, entitled “Wanna Bet?” is completely finished and just going through the final stages of being inked. Its focus is on the philosophical argument of Pascal’s Wager, and we’re super excited to be sharing it very soon.

AN: Can you tell us a little something about those last three issues?

KM: In addition to “Wanna Bet? we also have a comic that focuses on the Bible’s stance on gay rights that will be our fourth story and we’re working on a fifth about Intelligent Design. We have scripts for several others that are in the final stages of editing now, including some that focus on non-Christian religions.

AN: What do you think will be the biggest obstacle to get through with this project?

KM: We feel confident that we have enough material to produce new comics indefinitely, so really the biggest challenge will be the funding for printing and distribution, which is why we’re beyond thrilled that we’ve received so much support on Kickstarter so far. It fills us with a lot of hope to know that there are people who want to see our comics in the world, and we absolutely have the dedications and motivation to perpetuate this project for as long as possible.

AN: Where can people learn more about you and the project?

KM: We have a website (godlesscomics.com) that has more information about who we are and what our mission is, and we will be updating it regularly with new comics. Our Kickstarter page has a video that explains our project as well (kickstarter.com/projects/konamorris/godless-comics).

The Godless team: Nate Jordon, Kona Morris, Jon Olsen, and Chris Henry (in photo)
The Godless team: Nate Jordon, Kona Morris, Jon Olsen, and Chris Henry (in photo)