by Ashley Neuhaus 21-MAR-2012  There’s been a call for more lead, female characters in comics these days.  Michael Colbert give us that with CRAZY MARY.  Hey, no one ever said sanity was a requirement!  But trust me, you’d want Mary on your side in a scuffle.

Crazy Mary is everything I want to be.  Right down to the cybernetic enhancements.  She’s a gun-wielding, bounty hunting, bad ass.  But she isn’t your average freelancer. Mary volunteered for a top-secret project that would improve her as a soldier.  Her bio reads:

Shortly after the upgrades Mary started seeing things… insane things. A world of melting walls and living fire, vortexes of thought and colored radio waves, sentient metaphors and beings that existed in an invisible layer of reality. She could communicate with these beings. She made deals with some of them.

Or she had simply gone insane.


Whether or not she had gone insane, her new “powers” aid her in being an better than the competition.  Mary’s got a team of beings that no one else can see helping her.  Now Colbert is looking for a team of his own with the Kickstarter project to get the CRAZY MARY graphic novel made.  He’s got some amazing talent on this book including J.K. Woodward, William Blankenship, and Josh Finney.

The goal is $8,000 which is to pay the artists for their hard work and also for printing/shipping costs of the book.  The incentives for backers of this project include print copies of the book, a CRAZY MARY shotglass, and original artwork from the artists.

If you want to know more about CRAZY MARY and where she got her start, you can visit the website here.

Amber Love talks to creators Mike Colbert and J.K. Woodward in this week’s podcast. We hit upon more than the Kickstarter campaign. The push to digital marketplaces, finding strong characters that break through stereotypes, drunken karaoke, and planting the seeds for a CRAZY MARY/FALLEN ANGEL crossover. Fans can only hope! Sadly, we talked to Mike while he was on a Hollywood set and there’s some horrible background noise at times. I apologize but it’s only brief.

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