by Ashley Neuhaus 5-MAR-2012  Much like the awesome team of Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips, David Gallaher and Steve Ellis work well together and are dedicated to bringing quality comics to their fans.  Right now, they are asking for help with their Kickstarter campaign to get their book,  THE ONLY LIVING BOY, produced.

 The hero of this adventure book, Erik Farrell, finds himself to be the last living human boy on Earth.  He’s lost, confused, and has no memory of how things used to be.  Sounds kind of nice, doesn’t it?  It might be, if he weren’t surrounded by monsters.  But with the help of Thea, the insect princess, and Morgan, a mermaid warrior, Erik begins his journey towards a new life.

Gallaher says: “The series, like our other work, is inspired by pulp adventure novels and stories we grew up on — like John Carter, Tarzan, Flash Gordon, Killraven, and the Jungle Book — but with a flavor all of its own!”  It seems as though Gallaher and Ellis are serving their audience a great, all-ages, action-packed adventure on a silver platter.

If their goal is reached, the funds will go to producing the first of four volumes of THE ONLY LIVING BOY; if their goal is surpassed, the additional money will go to making the other three volumes a reality.  I’d really like to see this book get made not only to have it on my shelf but because I think the team behind it has created an excellent all-ages book.