featurebanner_ashleyphillytattoo_newsAshley Neuhaus 26-FEB-2013 What can I say here that Amber didn’t already say in her recap or that’s not in the video? When I had talked to Buz Hasson (THE LIVING CORPSE) at NYCC last year about him inking me at the tattoo convention, I got really excited. This was my first tattoo convention and after several unpleasant con experiences, I was hoping this one would be different. Exxxotica in NJ last year set the bar really low so I was thinking this would have to at least be a bit better than that. Boy, was I wrong!

The day after
The day after

Things started to get messed up a few weeks prior to the show because Buz had told me the organizers oversold the show and he lost his booth space. We still planned to go because I had already booked the hotel room and we had received press passes from Troy of Villain Arts. Then about two weeks before the show, I got a message from Buz letting me know he got his booth back and so we scheduled my appointment for Sunday since Saturday was going to be busy for both of us. We get to the show on Saturday and after running around talking to everyone and their mother, we’re told that our passes are only good for one day. I ran to Buz’s booth and told him our troubles and that he had to tattoo me that day. After he was done with the man he was tattooing at that moment, I would be up. Amber and I pushed our way through the overly crowded aisles where there were way too many children and ran into Dr. Spookenstein of the Rigor Mortis Revue. It was a nice surprise to run into such a friendly, handsome face. Amber got the exclusive news about their show which you can see in the video below.

20130209_210140I wanted to stalk Buz’s booth because I didn’t want to miss my chance at getting my Wonder Woman tattoo. Luckily, when we went by, he was just finishing up a bad ass zombie piece. He sketched out the design on whatever special paper they use and shortly after 6 pm, the tattoo machine started humming. From the sketching to getting all wrapped up, I think the time lapse was about 3 hours. Because our plans got so messed up, we didn’t have time to explore as much or interview as many people as we had wanted.

The saving grace of the day was Pete DeLuca of Pete’s Basement. He was the only one to trek out to Philadelphia and help celebrate my birthday with us. If anyone ever needs a lesson on how to be a gentleman or show a girl a good time, this is one of the guys to go to. He made sure we had food and tasty drinks and he also walked on the correct side so we didn’t get hit by any rogue cars.