featurebanner_necrocomiccon_interviewAMBER LOVE 11-FEB-2014 Returning guest JEFF MACH joined me on Vodka O’Clock to go over the basics of Wicked Faire, Voltaire’s Wicked Necrocomiccon and even a few teasers about this year’s Steampunk World’s Fair. Wicked Faire and Necrocomiccon take place Feb 21-23, 2014.

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2013spwf006Wicked Faire’s experimental theme for this year is “Through the Hedge” implying some fae lore but also further delving into the celebration of all strange and unusual things that our people enjoy and other people can’t understand why. This year the hotels are in Somerset, NJ but next year the venue will be changing due to changes in hotel management. Jeff explains thoroughly about how the staff has always been perfectly accepting of us “weirdos” but the management is a different story. Those executives don’t seem to understand who the people behind the masks actually are — we know of course, they can be the normies like attorneys, dentists and school teachers but for these weekends they can get to be as freaky as they like. Jeff reviews some valid concerns about why a convention organizer would want a hotel instead of a convention or expo center.

To explain about Necrocomiccon, it’s not a garden variety horror show like Monster Mania or Chiller Theatre. Those shows do what they do well which is bring in celebrities and actors from your favorite classic horror movies. Voltaire’s Wicked Necrocomiccon is like a massive Halloween party with masquerades, comedic twists, musicians, artists, plenty of writers to ask about advice, and vendors galore. There’s everything from inked burlesque to starfleet lectures.

2013spwf084The goal is for anyone to walk in to feel “at home” with their level of oddities and weirdness. You’ll definitely see a variety particularly if you buy the dual price for Wicked Faire and Necrocomiccon. So if you’re wardrobe falls into the Renaissance or adult themed fairy tales at Wicked, you can feel comfortable invading the dark Goth side of the haunted Necrocomiccon where people will be in their best vampyre stylings.

All performances for this weekend will be inside due to the NJ winter weather of February. Steampunk World’s Fair is later in the spring and spreads all over into the courtyards and parking lots. SPWF will even include a circus tent plus more space spreading through those two hotels (check the SPWF facebook page for all the details). May 16-18 in Piscataway, NJ.

“I’m sure Voltaire is delicious. I bet he tastes like absinthe. I bet he has a little licorice taste to him.” ~Amber

Wicked Faire is 16+ ages. The show later in the year, the Geeky Kink Event is an adult only event, 19+ audiences only. The purpose of this is to show that impressionable youth searching for their identities and have questions can have a safe place to explore.

“I have a lot of faith in people that are 16 years old, 17 years old are actual human beings; there are a lot of places which just don’t seem to think they are – who can appreciate things in an intelligent way and who bring something to an event and who make an event better by their presence.” ~JM

Geeky Kink holds no bars. The desires are for adults where the atmosphere allows them to do the most creative adult things like bouncy castles and tentacles chairs.

If you’re unsure about your kink or kink-curious, the Wicked Faire has Goddess Thain is giving lectures and demos which might be suitable for you to try before Geeky Kink.


On the other end of the spectrum is Steampunk World’s Fair which is a family event. Some content might be age restrictive such as the burlesque shows but overall it’s a billed as an all ages event.

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